Homeopathic remedies stimulate your immune system, therefore there is not the feeling of outside intervention, rather it is more a case of working from the inside out.  It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor you to ascertain when the remedy needs repeating or changing.


The follow up phone calls and visits are important.


The follow up is shorter, up to 45 minutes, and is usually four to six weeks after the initial consultation, although in some cases it may be sooner.


I will ask you to talk about how you have felt and the changes that have occurred since your homeopathic remedy to monitor your progress and compare how you are with the notes taken at your initial consultation.


Also, after experiencing the homeopathic consultation, you may have realised that there are other symptoms and/or events that have impacted on you, that you wish to talk about.


Repetition of your remedy, changing your remedy, the number of consultations you may need varies.  Your treatment is just as individual and unique as you are.